Birks Chantilly Flatware Service for 8

A beautiful Birks Chantilly flatware service for eight in sterling silver comprising:

8 Dinner Knives
8 Luncheon Knives
8 Dinner Forks
8 Luncheon Forks
8 Salad Forks
8 Cream Soup Spoons
8 Teaspoons
8 Coffee Spoons
2 Serving Spoons
1 Cold Meat Fork
1 Gravy Ladle
1 Butter Knife
1 Pie Slice
1 Cake Knife

71 pieces total.

A classic Art Nouveau pattern designed at the turn of the century, this Birks Chantilly flatware service was made in Montreal c. 1960.

$2,846.27 USD

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