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Silver In The Modern Home

Silver In The Modern Home

Decorating with antique silver may intimidate the average person, especially if their tastes tend to be towards more modern or minimalist styles. There is the thought that something ornate and classic cannot fit into a modern and minimalist aesthetic. Vintage silver does not have to be set behind a glass door in a credenza display. It can be incorporated into your home and mixed in with modern pieces to breathe new life into the old and stand in striking comparison to more timely pieces.

Antique silver adds a casual elegance to any room. Silver has an essence of glamour that just cannot be found with other pieces. One aspect of silver that is also unique is that it can be displayed oxidized or polished.

Oxidized silver evokes feelings of times gone by, the reminder of how old the antique really is on full display. When placed in a home, especially a modern home, it pulls the timeline of the space back, provoking images of the past for everyone who glances at it. Oxidized silver is reminiscent, subdued, and often can appear more classic than polished silver, as it wears its age.

Polished silver is an incredibly elegant choice for a home and works very well in modern spaces. It acts as a juxtaposition between the old and the new, and actually helps to highlight the modernity and newness of the space, instead of leaving it bland and otherwise set outside of time. Establishing a timeline within your space is one way to set it aside from other modern homes. Silver is often ornate and features curves, delicate lines, and craftsmanship. Modern furniture and decor often feature clean lines and neutral palettes. Having a piece of antique silver to play against that will actually emphasize the stylistic elements of a modern home instead of having it fall into the background, as modern styling has a tendency to.