Victorian Britannia Standard Silver Sugar Caster

An exceptionally large Victorian Britannia standard silver (.958)* sugar caster hallmarked London 1893 by Charles Stuart Harris.  This exceptional antique silver caster is lighthouse form with spiral fluting and bayonet-fit lid, 8 3⁄8" (21.3cm) high, 11.7 troy oz (369g).

*Britannia Standard: A rarely used British silver standard, higher than sterling with 958 parts per thousand.  It briefly replaced sterling as the only legal standard in England in 1697 (when it was adopted to prevent debasing of the coin supply).  In 1720, when the sterling standard was reintroduced the Britannia standard was all but forgotten, however it has remained a legal standard ever since.  Britannia standard enjoyed a minor resurgence in the early 20th century for use in reproductions of early 18th century pieces.

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